Friday, September 09, 2005


Some of the stories coming out of New Orleans about the chaos in the initial aftermath of Katrina and the flooding remind me of the book by Jose Saramago entitled Blindness. It's a story in which all but one person in an unnamed city is afflicted by sudden blindness and how they react and how the one who can see becomes a guide and protector for a small group that can't see. I think I'll add it to my reading queue and bump it up to the top.

From the review on Amazon: Blindness is in many ways a horrific novel, detailing as it does the total breakdown in society that follows upon this most unnatural disaster. Saramago takes his characters to the very edge of humanity and then pushes them over the precipice. His people learn to live in inexpressible filth, they commit acts of both unspeakable violence and amazing generosity that would have been unimaginable to them before the tragedy. The very structure of society itself alters to suit the circumstances as once-civilized, urban dwellers become ragged nomads...


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