Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina Fundraiser

I was thinking about how my offspring might be able to show some leadership at school in regards to coordinating fundraising for the victims of Katrina and came up with what I later found out was not an original idea, but what must be a good idea, because others have thought of it, too.

The basic idea is this:

  1. Decide which charity assisting in the recovery you want to support.

  2. Order a crate of 720 Mardi Gras necklaces from Mardi Gras Outlet for $30 plus s&h. (Depending on how fast you have them shipped each strand of beads could cost somewhere between $.06 to $.12 a piece.)

  3. Organize your school or church group to sell the beads at $1 a pop in support of the victims of Katrina. Get permission to sell them outside local businesses or in high traffic areas. (Pedestrian traffic, not cars.) Make signs about showing support for New Orleans and the Mississippi coast by displaying the beads around necks or rearview mirrors, etc. Of course always follow safe fund raising practices. Make sure an adult is in charge of the money and it is kept secure. Always fundraise in groups. No door to door fundraising. (And none of that passing the can in the intersection stuff, that's just plain dangerous!)

  4. Once all the beads are sold deposit the cash into your organization's bank account and have your organization write a check in the amount raised (it should be at least $720 and probably more) to the chosen charity and send it on it's way.

  5. Feel good about what you've done.

  6. If the beads flew out of your hands, order another crate and raise some more money for the victims of Katrina.

And it turns out that this helps the area in two different ways because the Mardi Gras Outlet is in Baton Rouge, LA. They were spared the worst of Katrina but supporting them will help support the region's recovery.


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