Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My New Hollywood Career

Well, having watched E-Ring the other night I've figured out what my new career is going to be. I'm going to go to Hollywood to become a Military Salute Consultant!

Let me explain. I don't have too many pet peeves but one thing that ruins a movie or a tv show for me every time is a bad salute! And it seems that whenever there is that final scene where the guy salutes the gravestone of his fallen comrade or salutes the guy who he hated at the beginning of the movie but now has learned to respect because he helped defeat the evil alien or whatever, the actors never get the salute right and I'm reminded that I'm just watching a stupid movie or tv show as my suspended disbelief crashes to the ground and the moment is ruined.

Now I know there are more important things to be worried about but having spent four years in the U.S. Army (no, I didn't kill anyone and there were no conflicts during my enlistment) and learning the proper way to salute on pretty much the first day I don't see why it is so hard for actors to learn how to salute correctly. And I know tv and movie producers are paying big bucks for military consultants to help get all the technical aspects of warfare right so why can't they get somebody to teach these actors how to do a proper military salute? I'll be more than happy to teach them for airfare, hotel, and a daily stipend of say $1000. Oh yeah and there's a special discount if they can introduce me to Jody Foster.

But anyway, here you can find the proper way to salute. All actors reading this please practice it in front of a mirror until you get it right. Your viewing public will appreciate it. Well, at least I will.

Here's a good example of how to salute both with headgear that has a brim and while in a beret.


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