Friday, October 14, 2005

A.W.A.D vs WOTD Cage Match!

This week I'm taking the best word of the week from each of the two daily word services I subscribe to and I'm having them fight it out in a death defying Cage Match!'s Word Of The Day words are "laconic", "palpable", "gewgaw", "conurbation" and "sinecure".

Wordsmith's A.Word.A.Day words are "vulcanian", "Heath Robinson", "cereologist", "maxwellian" and "benjamin".

Well, as we come down to the choice of the two opponents who will battle to the death it is easy to see that Team A.W.A.D is starting off at a disadvantage with only two possible contenders.

Gaining their strength from Roman mythology, the choice is obviously between "vulcanian" and "cereologist". And Team A.W.A.D passes over the obvious choice of the explosive and fiery "vulcanian" and selects the more demure and taciturn "cereologist". We'll have to see if this selection is one of subtle and artful genius or just a big mistake.

Team WOTD has a strong lineup and it will be interesting to see how they respond to Team A.W.A.D's choice. Currently it looks like the top choices are "laconic", "palpable" and "gewgaw" but the wrong choice could prove devastating to Team WOTD. They've been thrown off by A.W.A.D's choice of "cereologist" and it looks like they are starting to overthink things. No, wait, yes they have a selection. "Gewgaw" will be entering the cage for Team WOTD! This will be interesting to see. Will the almost onomatopoeic "gewgaw" have what it takes to battle the goddess inside "cereologist"?

And they waste no time getting down to business. "Gewgaw" comes out early with the fact that it is a gradational compound in the grand tradition of "tiptop", "mishmash" and "wishywashy". "Cereologist" is stunned but fights back with its roots in Roman mythology. "Gewgaw" slaps back with a reference to its mysterious thirteenth century origins. And "cereologist" is against the ropes punching air as it tries to make its late 20th century origin sound good. And it looks like "gewgaw" is about to deliver the final blows. Yes, "gewgaw" is found in over 17 online dictionaries and "cereologist" is found in only one. Showing no mercy, "gewgaw" flaunts how it sounds rolling off the tongue while "cereologist" hits the mat and is heard to mumble pathetically about crop circles, alien invasions and tin foil head gear.

Yes, this week the A.W.A.D vs WOTD Cage Match Trophy goes to Team WOTD! Tune in next week for another exciting battle!


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