Friday, November 18, 2005

Is "human specimen" an oxymoron?

NYTimes: Cadaver Exhibition Raises Questions Beyond Taste(Disturbing photo alert.)

"This is not a freak show," Dr. Glover said, standing beside the musculature of a man who is holding hands with his own removed skeleton.

Methinks the Doctor protests too much!
Playing down the sensationalism, Premier executives use the word "specimen" to describe the exhibits and emphasize their value as educational tools that can teach children about human physiology and help adults learn how to lead healthier lives.

Yeah...that's's educational...yeah! Like kids could learn that getting put in jail in China can be dicey.

These "specimens" are presented as educational aids with no true regard for their humanity. Talk about objectification! This is the ultimate. But give them time, I'm sure we'll start to see famous "specimens" and "specimens" in entertaining poses.

We've got this in Philly right now at the Franklin Institute. We are staying clear of the FI until the installation is over. We'll be writing to request an extention of our membership to cover the time we couldn't visit because of the possibility of running into these "specimens".


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