Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Where do I pick up my check?

This is kind of cool. My above t-shirt/sticker design has made it to the CafePress Marketplace religion section where theoretically it will get viewed a lot and then purchased a lot and then I can afford to put my kids through their private Catholic schools without resorting to my proposed "Organs for Money" program.

Another cool CafePress thing is that they have finally come out with black t-shirts. I've got a few designs available, including my "The Pope Has A Posse" design. You can check out all my designs here. Please think very seriously about buying some merchandise. My kids and my kidneys will thank you!


Blogger Anonymous said...

You should add a blank space for atheism ... or a ? for skeptics


11/29/2005 08:43:00 PM  

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