Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Where do I pick up my check?

This is kind of cool. My above t-shirt/sticker design has made it to the CafePress Marketplace religion section where theoretically it will get viewed a lot and then purchased a lot and then I can afford to put my kids through their private Catholic schools without resorting to my proposed "Organs for Money" program.

Another cool CafePress thing is that they have finally come out with black t-shirts. I've got a few designs available, including my "The Pope Has A Posse" design. You can check out all my designs here. Please think very seriously about buying some merchandise. My kids and my kidneys will thank you!

Monday, November 21, 2005


I'm going Frappr! crazy. I've been adding myself to a number of Frappr! Maps (see list below) and started one of my own to go with my Pope Has A Posse stickers and t-shirts. I guess if I really want "The Pope Has A Posse" to become a Catholic "sub-culture phenomenon" then I'll have to put some downloadable graphics on this site. Look for them soon. And while you're waiting, go add yourself to the Pope's Posse Frappr! Map. Be the first Posse member on your block!

Here are the Frappr! Maps I've joined (so far):

Catholic Insider
Catholic Mormon Podcast
Happy Catholic
Open Book
Rosary Army
The Donegal Express

Let me know if you've got one so I can join up!

What he said!

I'm not sure how I missed this entry - Finding the Designer - at Darwin Catholic but it states much more eloquently my basic thoughts on the subject of Intelligent Design.

My basic thoughts being that proponants of ID are giving science too much credit and buying into the Humanist worship of science as "the answer" by trying to get theology taught in science classrooms. What they should be doing is getting theology and philosophy classes in the curriculum. That is where schools are falling short.

There was also a good essay in the November 14th edition of TIME magazine.

But as exciting as intelligent design is in theology, it is a boring idea in science. Science isn't about knowing the mind of God; it's about understanding nature and the reasons for things. The thrill is that our ignorance exceeds our knowledge; the exciting part is what we don't understand yet.... For science, intelligent design is a dead-end idea.

You have to be a subscriber to read the whole essay from the above link or I could email it to you if you are interested, since I'm a subscriber.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Yeah, I can see that.

If only I could actually play the piano!

You are Schroeder!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Found via On The Other Foot.

Is "human specimen" an oxymoron?

NYTimes: Cadaver Exhibition Raises Questions Beyond Taste(Disturbing photo alert.)

"This is not a freak show," Dr. Glover said, standing beside the musculature of a man who is holding hands with his own removed skeleton.

Methinks the Doctor protests too much!
Playing down the sensationalism, Premier executives use the word "specimen" to describe the exhibits and emphasize their value as educational tools that can teach children about human physiology and help adults learn how to lead healthier lives.

Yeah...that's's educational...yeah! Like kids could learn that getting put in jail in China can be dicey.

These "specimens" are presented as educational aids with no true regard for their humanity. Talk about objectification! This is the ultimate. But give them time, I'm sure we'll start to see famous "specimens" and "specimens" in entertaining poses.

We've got this in Philly right now at the Franklin Institute. We are staying clear of the FI until the installation is over. We'll be writing to request an extention of our membership to cover the time we couldn't visit because of the possibility of running into these "specimens".

Unfinished Christian

I suppose as a Lapped Catholic trying to catch up on what I've missed I should get this book that is reviewed at the Catholic Ragemonkey website.

I'll have to add it to my list of reading tasks which include reading the Bible cover to cover as well as finishing the last five Narnia books. Not that that last task is too difficult. I can't believe that I avoided those books because I thought, for some unknown reason, that they were written on the level of LotR and just didn't feel like wading through that much fantasy fiction. Well, you live and learn.

Speaking of the Bible, can anyone suggest an acceptable version that isn't the NAS? Preferably a study version. The one I have is okay but I find the translation to be somewhat flat. It doesn't seem to be what gets used during Mass. Anyone know what version is used in the Liturgy of the Word?

Monday, November 07, 2005

NOMan T-Shirt

I read about this earlier today and thought we needed an answer for the "snowman" t-shirt. Well, here's my answer, the "NOMan" t-shirt.

Spread the news! Let's start our own sophisticated marketing campaign using coded symbols for anti-drug culture that drug dealers and criminals are not likely to understand!

Anyone interested in using this graphic to make shirts of their own, contact me at 'info[AT]gigocorp[dot]com' and I'll provide a high res version free of charge. I can also point you to some online t-shirt printers that can be less expensive than CafePress when you order in bulk.