Friday, March 31, 2006

Carroll set free, interpreter still dead.

After being released by her captors, 28-year-old freelance journalist Jill Carroll said the kidnappers "never threatened me in any way" and that she was "treated very well".

Her interpreter at the time of the kidnapping, Allan Enwiyah, a 32-year-old Christian Iraqi, was not available for comment.


Blogger Julie D. said...

Except for the whole "kidnapped" part, of course.

3/31/2006 03:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Mary said...

And the threatening her to say anti-american stuff part. Which, by the way, must have been threatening to her at the time because she complied and said that is why she complied after she was let go.

4/06/2006 10:27:00 AM  

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