Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Our Lady of Prompt Pownage!

Gleaming in her Varia Suit, she kneels among sand and rocks, with her smoking arm cannon raised upward and the lonely Zebian desert reflected in her visor...a symbol of permanence and power and invincibility.

This is more a story of looking for meaning in all the wrong places than finding meaning in unexpected places, IMHO.

You will never forget a videogame you've played. You may forget the plot and the characters and even the title, but once you have played a videogame and loved it, that happy fact remains with you when you need it most. It is a promise that no hurricane can destroy: You once were happy; you will be again.

Now, I love a perfectly executed head shot as much as the next guy and agree that there is a sort of joy in laying waste to your enemies in a video game but I don't confuse that fleeting thrill with a lasting happiness that only comes from He who conquered death and is the only promise that cannot be destroyed.


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