Friday, June 30, 2006

Only Five?

Found this free-for-all "Lighten Up Friday" meme on Some Have Hats and thought I'd participate.

Here are 5 silly facts about me:

1) I once won a costume contest dressed as Super Grape.

2) Just thinking of hundreds of ping pong balls being dropped on Captain Kangaroo makes me laugh hysterically. Come on, you gotta admit, that is just so damn funny!

3) I was a Jewish Webelo. I don't know why they let a Catholic kid join a Jewish troop or why my parents thought it was a good idea or why I didn't just join the local Catholic troop, but there you have it. I was a Jewish Webelo. Sounds like a title for an After School Special.

4) I once ate a cigarette on a dare and washed it down with Mr. Pibb (it's kind of like Dr. Pepper without the PhD). To this day I can't drink Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper without gagging.

5) I had a Mohawk haircut at age 3 and once again twenty years later.

And believe it or not, no alcohol was involved in any of these scenarios.

Take this meme if you like and let me know if you do. I'd like to read about it.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Spread the news!

I've requested this info be posted on the Amateur Catholic website so a few more eyes get to see it and then hopefully a few more ears get to hear the Archdiocesan Boy Choir of Philadelphia. If you read this, please help spread the news.

My son is a former member of the Archdiocesan Boy Choir of Philadelphia and I still help them out as I can with poster design and ad book production. Now I'd like to help them get the news out about their summer pilgrimage.

The Archdiocesan Boy Choir of Philadelphia is heading to Boston and Canada on pilgrimage so if you live in the area you should definitely go hear them and also help get the word out.

The Archdiocesan Boy Choir of Philadelphia sings sacred music throughout the year in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and travels on pilgrimage yearly to places like Avila, Spain; Fatima, Portugal; Rome, Italy; and Washington, D.C. to name a few. This year their pilgrimage will take them to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA; the Mission Church in Boston, MA; the Notre-Dame-du-Cap Shrine in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada; and St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal in Montreal (Quebec) Canada.

Their schedule is as follows:

Divine Mercy Shrine, Stockbridge, MA
1:30 Rosary
2 PM Mass
3 PM Chaplet of the Divine Mercy

Mission Church, Boston
12:10 PM Mass

Notre-Dame-du-Cap Shrine
8 PM Mass followed by candlelight procession

St. Joseph Oratory
4:30 PM Mass

The boys are amateurs because they don't get paid but they definitely sing like professionals as they continue the tradition of chant and polyphony in the Church. The boys sing in many different languages, including Latin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Gaelic, and Greek. They are a joy to hear whether they are singing Mass or performing a concert. Once you hear them live you will be hooked. You can hear some snippets from three of their five CDs on their web site.

Feel free to contact me for more information about the choir and for other sources of their audio clips. And if you do attend let them know you heard about them on the web.

By the way, the boys are also singing the 11AM Mass tomorrow for the EWTN 25th Anniversary Family Celebration at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. Admission is free so if you live in Philadelphia this may be your last time to hear them until the fall.

If you live near these sites please attend and if you've got readers who live near these sites please pass the word along. Thanks!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What's he Hawking?

Anybody know if there is a way to prove or refute this. I'd be interested to hear what the pope actually said as opposed to what SH says he said.

Update: Apparently this isn't new news. I wonder why Hawkings is bringing it up again. Sounds like it might be a case of "Controversy Marketing". Does he have a new book coming out? Or is it just a case of pope bashing?

More Updates: It looks like this is pope bashing and just part of his standard presentation as I've found another article that talks about another presentation that sounds like the exact same article just written 8 months earlier.

Did find an old but interesting Wired article while searching Google for "hawking +pope"

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ironic Catholic Haiku Contest

Wrote a few haiku
For Ironic Catholic blog
Find them if you can