Thursday, August 31, 2006

Imagine That!

Mark Shea at Catholic and Enjoying It! talks about the song that makes my brain explode every time I hear it. It's always sure to start me on a rant. It also causes me to have uncharitable thoughts so I'm going to go back to listening to WRTI's soothing and beautiful classical music.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Dangers of Googling

I'm dumbfounded. This of course begs the question: Do they have a moon bounce version available for the parish picnic?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Johnny Mnemonic Contest

The vote is in and Pluto is no longer considered a planet!

So obviously we need a new mnemonic for remembering the nine eight planets. And of course the best way to get a new mnemonic is to have a contest!

The old mnemonic was:

My (Mercury) Very (Venus) Excellent (Earth) Mother (Mars) Just (Jupiter) Served (Saturn) Us (Uranus) Nine (Neptune) Pizzas (Pluto)

Tell us what you think the new one should be. Extra points for originality, humor and rememberabilityness.

Email your entry(ies) or post them in the comments. The winner, as decided by a yet undecided panel of experts will win a handful of Homestar Runner drink coasters or a Pope Innocent III action figure, or something cool like that.

UPDATE: I suppose I'm disqualified from the contest so this doesn't count as an entry but here is a decidedly Catholic mnemonic to give an idea of the possibilities.

Mary Venerated Extensively May Just Satisfy Unmet Needs

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

5 in 5 Meme

Five People in Five Categories Meme
Julie at HappyCatholic tagged me. (Woohoo, I got tagged!) This may not be the best meme for me since I'm not what many would call a people person, but I never get tagged so here goes.

"If you could meet and have a deep conversation with any five people on earth, living or dead, from any time period, who would they be?" (Explaining why is optional.) Name five people from each of the following categories:
Saints, Those in the Process of Being Canonized, Heroes from your native country, Authors/Writers, celebrities.

Five Saints:

St. Francis of Assisi
St. Patrick
St. Teresa of Avila
St. Katherine Drexel (I've got a growing interest in American saints and she's a Philadelphia favorite.)
St. Declan of Ardmore (To find out what Declan translates to or means. It is said the name is so ancient that its original meaning has been lost.)

Those in the Process of Being Canonized:
(This is where my Lappedness shows itself. I've got to do a Google search to find a list of the beatified. Once I do I'll update this list)

Pope John Paul II
Junipera Serra

Five Heroes from your native country:

I have a hard time accepting the notion of heroes so I'm gonna leave this go until I can think of at least one person I consider heroish.

Five Authors/Writers:

Graham Greene
Robert A. Heinlein
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Oscar Wilde
Jane Austin
(The last two would be so I could introduce my daughter to them. Boy would she owe me big time after that!)

Five Celebrities:

Elvis Costello
Sinead O'Connor (Because I want to believe that deep down she's really just a fine Irish lass who lost her way in her youth.)
Tony Hawk (So I could introduce him to my youngest who is very into skateboarding right now.)
Jack Black (I so totally want to party with that dude!! Okay, I'm not really a partier. Okay, I'm not a partier at all. I'm just trying to think of celebrities that I don't actively dislike and he's all I could think of.)
Joan Cusak (She so funny. She make me laugh.)

Tag Five People:

Tagging five randomlyish selected B-Teamers! Go B-Team!
For God, For Country and For Yale
Transitus Tiber
Narrow at the Outset
College Catholic
Thoughts of a Regular Guy

Monday, August 21, 2006

The DePaola Code

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Our Lady of Prompt Pownage!

Gleaming in her Varia Suit, she kneels among sand and rocks, with her smoking arm cannon raised upward and the lonely Zebian desert reflected in her visor...a symbol of permanence and power and invincibility.

This is more a story of looking for meaning in all the wrong places than finding meaning in unexpected places, IMHO.

You will never forget a videogame you've played. You may forget the plot and the characters and even the title, but once you have played a videogame and loved it, that happy fact remains with you when you need it most. It is a promise that no hurricane can destroy: You once were happy; you will be again.

Now, I love a perfectly executed head shot as much as the next guy and agree that there is a sort of joy in laying waste to your enemies in a video game but I don't confuse that fleeting thrill with a lasting happiness that only comes from He who conquered death and is the only promise that cannot be destroyed.

This is Fun!

GottaBook: A List -- famous authors and the children's books they'd write

Here's the list I came up with:

Rice - Chicken Soup With Vampires

Kerouac - And To Think That I Saw It On The Road

Doctorow - Rag Doll Time

Dostoevsky - The House of the Napping

March - The Bad Carrot Seed

Conrad - Harriet, the Secret Agent

And if cookbook authors count:

Lagasse - Make Way For Dumplings
(snitched from here)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Redesign it, please! reports that the NASA Moon mission now has a logo. I've got to think it's actually one of the losing versions they are showing. First off, never, never, never use a graphic element as a letter, especially when it's such an obvious one as a planet in the place of an "O". And what, did the font budget get cut at NASA? What is that, Gill Sans? Couldn't they come up with something a little more Space Agey? Of the fine tradition of cool logos and patches coming out of NASA over the years, this has got to be their low point.

Maybe we, the American people, can sponsor a contest to come up with a better logo. I've got a pack of Homestar Runner coasters I can put up as a prize! Who's with me?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Children of Men

I thought I'd heard something about this movie a while back. Apparently it's coming out soon. I need to find out more about it. At first blush it seems promising. I'll let you know what I find out.

Book stats

Some very interesting statistics for readers and writers. (Two things I once was and aspire to be again one day.)

Hat tip: People of the Book

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Traditions of the Assumption of the BVM

Here's a question for the Catholic Blogosphere:

My wife and I were talking about the upcoming Feast of the Assumption on August 15th and she mentioned that when her family spent their summers "down the shore" that on the Feast of the Assumption everyone made sure that they went into the water. She said they had to carry her Grandmother down to the beach so she could be carried into the ocean. Some even drove down from Philly just to walk into the water on that day. Does anyone know where this tradition comes from? Is it just a Jersey Shore thing, an Irish thing (my wife's family is Irish) or what? I thought it might have some thing to do with Stella Maris but I'm not sure. Does anyone else have local or family traditions that they participate in on the Feast of the Assumption? I'm interested to find out more about this.

Now I'll have to email a few choice Catholic blogs and bleg for them to mention this post so I can get an answer. So thanks in advance to The Happy Catholic, Amy Welborn, and The Donegal Express.

UPDATE: There a number of great comments at Open Book after Amy Welborn so graciously posted my bleg.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chuck Norris Bridge?

A new bridge in Hungary could be named after the action film actor Chuck Norris after officials left the naming to an internet vote.

It looks like after this news broke the computer hosting the web site might have been overcome by hits from those wishing to register their vote. Or more likely, Jack Bauer found out the computer was a terrorist and killed it.