Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Annunciation Surprise

I was very surprised to hear this commentary on NPR of all places. The local NPR station is my second choice for drive home listening when my classical station starts to drop out. Usually I'm yelling at the radio when NPR is on but this time I was pleasantly surprised, especially after their story about the early church just previous to the commentary (don't get me started!).

Still, NPR never fails to disappoint. Their headline for the commentary (Feast of the Annunciation Celebrates a Proud Mary) is confusing since a prideful Mary isn't mentioned in the commentary and as far as I know pride isn't one of the attributes associated with Mary. Methinks some bored intern or web lackey thought a reference to Ike and Tina Turner in a commentary about the Blessed Mother would liven things up. *sigh*

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