Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What I Learned Today

In an attempt to increase my blogging and to return to the idea of becoming an "unlapped" Catholic* I am instituting a new type of post called a "What I Learned Today" post or "WILT" post for short. I can't promise it will be a daily feature but...well, I can't really promise anything, other than I'll try to keep at it as a way to track my learning and I'll try to keep it interesting.

So, today's WILT post will follow shortly. (Do you like how I already got two posts out of this idea?)

* "lapped" as in someone who, because of poor catechesis, feels like that kid on the track team who always got lapped by the faster runners, however in this case I feel lapped by those Catholics who know more about their faith than I do.



Blogger Tim said...

Oh yeah, this has really helped me keep my blog up to date! LOL!

3/12/2008 03:52:00 PM  

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